Gain A FaceBook Audience In Five Steps

Five Reasons You Need A Facebook Fan Page Community building Search Engine Optimization In-depth analytics Communication It’s completely free Learn How To Market Your Tourism Business on Facebook. Facebook is a massive social networking site. By it’s very nature, Facebook lets people connect up to groups, people, events and fan pages, based on their interests. On the other hand, Facebook lets marketers connect up to people using Facebook Ads, based on the interests they have expressed through word, and by preferences they have indicated through action. Recently I have been working with two artists to help them connect up with people by using Facebook as a starting platform. These artists are local watercolour painters with amazing skill and a small inventory of beautiful paintings to sell. They have an established and growing reputation, and need an online presence to help promote their work. They are both new to Facebook, and don’t have a history of personal data on their profiles. In fact, they haven’t been actively growing their friends list at all. This is good – both artists were OKay with the idea of using a business page on Facebook as a marketing tool – and only use their personal profile as a personal way to connect with family. 5 Steps to Get Established in Facebook: Step 1 Find people with a similar interest. Join several Facebook groups in the subject area of your target Niche. Step 2 Build you friends list. Review the Members List from these group for individuals who match the profile for your ideal customer and invite these people to become your friend. Step 3 Create an Interest Group. Make your own original Facebook Group and invite your new friends to join. Establish a monthly activity to give group members some recognition. Step 4 Create a Facebook Fan Page – promote your Fan Page in your profile AND in your Group. Step 5 Add the RSS Feed from your Blog to your Facebook Fan Page! Now you have established a growing presence in Facebook that is easy to update from an external blog or RSS feed! All of your Fans get a notification within Facebook each time you update your blog!