Artificial Intelligence Fighting Coronavirus to help the worldwide

Coronavirus or Covid-19 has disturbed the balance of life on planet earth. People are falling sick, and deaths due to this novel virus are increasing all over the world. Just three months back, everything was perfect, and people had a good time. But, something was coming our way, and we were not even prepared for that. Fighting Coronavirus Organizations and governments are spending millions of dollars on research and development of antidote for Covid-19. Standard technologies and medicines have been insufficient for the treatment of Coronavirus. The world is looking forward to novel technologies and solutions to fight Coronavirus. Coronavirus is not the problem of China only as almost 100 countries have been fallen victim to Covid-19. The use of artificial intelligence for the detection and treatment of Coronavirus holds good news for us. Technology leaders have jumped in the field to help the world fight against Coronavirus. Baidu, Alibaba, and Huawei are working on new projects to implement AI in initiatives against Coronavirus. Is AI mature enough for the treatment and detection of Covid-19? Can we expect any major breakthrough from tech leaders that are trying to use AI in the medical field? How can Artificial Intelligence help Fight Coronavirus? Artificial intelligence is already being used in every sector of life, and now is the time to implement it worldwide. From thermal scanners to the prediction of possible breakouts of Coronavirus, AI is helping the mission in every possible way. Here are some important developments by tech companies in fighting Coronavirus with AI. Track, Detect and Forecast Coronavirus Breakout With better and improved tracking of the virus outbreak, governments and departments can affectively tackle the Coronavirus infections. There are several startups and companies that are launching AI-based systems and cameras to analyze Coronavirus situations in different countries. BlueDot is an international disease surveillance services provider company that is using the power of AI in systems. They use smart algorithms to analyze the stats and updates on social media and different platforms about diseases. The powerful AI systems of BlueDot has informed about the Coronavirus outbreak in China even before the official announcement of China. In time detection of Covid-19 can help to fight the spread of the virus in any specific area. Coronavirus Diagnose with AI Infervision is a tech company that has introduced an AI-based system to boost and enhance the detection and diagnose the speed of Coronavirus. Normal systems and medical facilities take 15-20 minutes to analyze the CT scan of human, but with the innovative technology, CT scans can be analyzed in 20 seconds only. The use of AI solutions in the medical field during this time has reduced the workload of the medical staff, and they can get more done in less time. Alibaba has also engineered a perfect AI-based system that can detect the symptoms of Coronavirus with almost 96% accuracy. Healthcare Claim Processing Coronavirus had not only affected the medical staff, but other departments are overwhelmed due to the panic situation. Things are getting worse all over the world, and departments are failing at administrative tasks. Companies have introduced block-chain smart systems with a blend of AI to speed up healthcare claim processing. These technologies are reducing the face to face duration in every sector so that the spread can be eliminated. Medicine Delivery with Drones The use of AI in transportation is one of the biggest achievements of technology. From autonomous cars to cargo delivery with drones, AI is playing a key role everywhere. In the Coronavirus infected areas, humans cannot interact with the patients. In the quarantined areas, the medicines are being supplied to the patients with the help of AI-based drones. The best way to stop the spread of Coronavirus is to ensure the distancing from each other. With the help of drones and AI, human interaction with the infected people has decreased. As there is no physical contact with the infected area, the outbreak of Coronavirus can be controlled easily. Artificial Intelligence can speed up Treatment Discovery AI is not only beneficial for the detection of epidemics, but it can also help the faster development of treatments. Analyzing millions of health records for the detection of the virus can be a daunting task, but you can get it done with AI in seconds. Since 2010, there have been many breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence. From IoT to the use of artificial intelligence in the business sector, there is a lot to look for in 2020. The scope of artificial intelligence is beyond human imagination, and if you are a technology freak, knowing these trends is a must for you. Artificial intelligence is expected to revolutionize different aspects of life with newer methods of doing things. Some trends seem really promising for the betterment of human life, and some might consider this progress as a threat to the human race. Artificial intelligence is the backbone of the R&D sector in every field of life, so we use the same benefits of AI in the medical field. AI helped China with smart thermal cameras to detect and control the spreading epidemic. Robot Cleaners If you want to put people out of harm’s way, keeping them away from infected things and people is really important. In hospitals and medical facilities, nurses and doctors were being infected due to the spread of Covid-19. AI-powered smart cleaners have reduced human interaction in unnecessary tasks to control the spread of Coronavirus. Remote meetings and other novel technologies are using the power of AI. Conclusion The current situation is serious, and tech leaders are working to introduce the treatment of Coronavirus. The involvement of AI in the research and development of drugs have enhanced the production, and the good news is expected soon.