Top Programming Languages you need to learn as Career

If you want to get paid in a handsome amount, a programming career can be a perfect fit for your goals. Programmers are one of the highest-paid professionals all over the world in 2020. Make your 2020 a productive year, and learn at least one of these programming languages to get better opportunities in life. Being a programmer does not only mean writing codes, but it also enables you to solve your real-life problems too? Why Programming as a Career? In the past, it was compulsory for everyone to master the art of hunting to survive in society. In today’s modern world, we are facing the same situation, but now you have to master different skills. Every sector of our daily life is full of technology, and you also know that there is always a mobile app or computer software for all of your problems. If you want to be updated about news, you have an app, and even if you just want to relax for a while, you have an app for this purpose too. Not only a software engineer of computer-related person should learn programming or coding, but it is said that everyone should learn to code as it creates the ability to solve different problems. In programming, we are actually solving our real-life problems. A programmer will always be quick at solving problems as he knows how to make a way in hurdles and how to manipulate resources for his own use. Here are the top programming languages that you need to learn in 2020 in order to secure a bright future. These programming languages are being used in the market right now, and you can easily get a job if you have mastered any of these programming languages. PYTHON It is one of the highest growing programming languages in 2020, and most of the software developers are using this programming language for development. This programming language is relatively new, but the stats show that it is going to stay here for a longer time. This programming language has a wide scope of use in desktop applications, web applications, network servers, and machine learning. Most of the AI-based tools are using Python as the basic development language. Python can be a good start for you if you are looking for a high paying job in the app development sector in 2020. JavaScript According to Stack Overflow, a famous platform for programmers, JavaScript is the best programming language to learn in 2020. According to a recent study, almost half of the developers and programmers are using JavaScript for development purposes. It is basically for front end development, but it is being used in various back-end functions too. This programming language is also making its place in the world of IoT so you can start from JavaScript in 2020. Rust Most of the readers may not have seen the concept of Rust before this article. If you are in the development world, you must have heard some news about the innovative features of Rust as this system has introduced totally new approaches for the app development and programming concepts. For a beginner, it may be a little bit hard, but this programming language can help you secure a good job in any development firm. Swift If you are into iOS development, then Swift is the best programming language for you to learn in 2020. It is one of the highest-paid programming languages in iOS development. There have been some recent developments in the iOS app development due to the introduction of hybrid apps, but still, it’s a better option in 2020, and you can easily get a good job in iOS development. Kotlin Kotlin is also a new player in the town, and it was voted as the second most wanted programming language in 2018. If you are thinking about learning a new programming language in 2020, Kotlin must be on the top of your list. This programming language is taking the development market by storm, and a lot of development companies are hiring Kotlin developers these days. Google has also announced that Kotlin is the official development language for Android apps.