What is Chatbot AI? How does Chatbot Work?

Chatbots are the new hottest trend in the online business world. Businesses are using Chatbots to offer a better experience to their visitors. You can ask general questions regarding the services, and these automated response systems will answer your query. When it comes to customer service, Chatbots are critical for every business. Have you ever noticed that whenever you open the website of any business, a chat notification pops up? That is not a human being available for you but an automated program to assist you. What is Chatbot AI? Online Chatbots are AI-powered computer programs that can communicate with humans just like a professional assistant. These Chatbots use conversational AI to answer the queries of the visitors. These Chatbots are some sort of digital assistants that are programmed to answer some generic queries of the customers and visitors. Conversational Chatbots use the stored information to analyze the queries and then provide an immediate and effective response to the queries. Conversational Chatbots use both ways of communication i.e., text and audio. Facebook messenger is the perfect example of the use of AI in the Chatbots. Types of Chatbot AI You must understand that Chatbots are not some kind of magical tools, but these programs are powered by conversational AI. Chatbot AI uses highly complex algorithms to process the available data. The rules for the response of the user queries are already defined in the core of the Chatbots AI. Whenever a user types any question, Chatbots compare that query and keywords to the stored information. Most relevant information is displayed for the user that might help to solve his query. There are different models and architectures of Chatbots, and most of the time, two major types of Chatbots AI are used on different platforms. 1. Rule-Based Chatbots These Chatbots are the simplest form of conversational AI. Most of the small websites use these Chatbots where the user has to choose from the given options. The choice of the user at every step determines the next conversation. Facebook messenger is also using this type of Chatbots AI. Most of the other marketplaces like Amazon Chatbots and customer service chatbots are also using this type. Specifications of Rule Bases Chatbots • User is presented with specific options, so these Chatbots are only for simple scenarios • These Chatbots are most suitable for custom support operations • These are the simplest Chatbots that can provide information about basic operations like business hours, business address and delivery status, etc. 2. Conversational AI Chatbots These are the relatively smarter and better Chatbots and are also known as digital assistants. These Chatbots provide better and more customized answers to user queries. These Chatbots interact with the users just like a human and use different algorithms to provide a specific answer to different situations. Instead of picking from the given options only, users can ask queries and questions from these conversational AI Chatbots. As compared to the rule-bases Chatbots, conversational AI Chatbots use the true potential of AI and deep learning. Key Attributes of Conversational AI Chatbots • AI-powered Chatbots use the intent of the user to make the conversation more interactive • Conversational Chatbots use predictive intelligence to understand the user’s intent • These Chatbots use user behavior and other results to offer more personalized information How does Chatbot Work? The working of Chatbots is purely based on algorithms. The primary focus of these algorithms is to provide answers to user queries and requests by extracting the relevant information from the database. Once Chatbots are done with the analysis part, and relevant information has been extracted for the user, a personalized response is delivered to the user. There are three major classification methods involved in the working of Chatbots AI: Pattern Matching Chatbots use different pattern matches to respond to user’s queries. Artificial Intelligence Markup Language is the model of different patterns. The bots use patterns to get the right answer according to the query of the user. Relevant answers are presented to queries that correlate to these patterns. Natural Language Understanding The ability of Chatbots to understand the human language is known as NLU. The human-readable text is converted to the structured data so that the computer can understand it. There are three steps involved in the working of NLU: • Entities • Context • Expectations Natural Language Processing NLP allows the users to input voice or text data; then, the input is converted into structured data to make it understandable for the computer. The structured data is processed further to choose a relevant answer to the queries of the user. The major steps of NLP include: • Tokenization • Sentiment analysis • Normalization • Entity recognition • Dependency parsing Benefits of Chatbots AI for Business Chatbots can help you to scale your business and boost efficiency. Most of the users on your website would like to know more about your products and services. A smart Chatbot can help your visitors with the relevant information so they can make a better decision. From the sales point of view, Chatbots can help to boost your revenue. Almost 80% of companies are planning on using smart Chatbots AI for their business this year. Here are some major benefits of Chatbots for the business world: • Reduce customer waiting time • Better customer service • 24/7 availability of digital assistance • Improved customer engagement • Reduce the cost of customer service • Better lead generation due to interactive conversations Platforms to Build Chatbots If you want basic Chatbots, you don’t need to jump into the complex details of the programming and coding. There are many platforms where you can create Chatbots for your business without any programming and coding. Here are top platforms to create Chatbots: • CHATFUEL • BOTSIFY • FLOW XO • BEEP BOOP • BOTTR • MOTION.AI • CHATTYPEOPLE Conclusion Although Chatbots are pretty impressive these days a lot of improvements are needed in the working of Chatbots. With the improvement in artificial intelligence, betterment in the working of Chatbots is also expected. If you want to scale your business, having a Chatbot for your website can give your sales a real boost.